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    A consistent cleaning service where you can finally feel confident in the health and appearance of your office.

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Crystal Clean, LLC is a HomeAdvisor Screened & Approved Pro

Does your office reflect cleanliness?

Dirty Office Cleaning Connecticut
A dirty environment!
If you're feeling stuck or unhappy with an inconsistent cleaning program, that can be very frustrating.  You want that beautiful office, always clean and refreshed, and I get it.

We understand your frustration with a dirty office and how it reflects your business.

Every day, we help dozens of clients like you have a healthy-clean office that you can be proud of.

Together, we can transform your office environment into that new-office feel you've wanted.

Services we offer

Office Cleaning

Clean Office

Cleaning your office top to bottom, corner to corner.

Floor Maintenance

Stripping and Waxing

Floors stripped and refinished and maintained throughout the year.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets that are clean and fresh that feel great, bare feet.

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Why Choose Crystal Clean?

Certified Cleaning
Certification Training

Highly Trained and Certified Cleaning Staff:

Your cleaning service will run smoothly and without worry on your part every time we work in your building.

Communicate Cleaning
Updates and Information

Consistent 360° Communication:

You will feel confident knowing that your building is in good hands.

Technology Office Cleaning
Smartphones & Software

Technology in Cleaning:

Knowing the most advanced capabilities is being utilized to deliver a wow experience.

The Renewable Office Process®

Our four step process to bring your office back to a renewable state, and keep it that way.

1. Consultation

Schedule your consultation to perform a discovery and walkthrough of your location.

2. Customized Options

I'll present several customized cleaning service options based on your needs.

3. Choose Your Service

We'll help you choose the right cleaning solution & transform your office.

4. Happy All Year

Year-round comfort knowing we're your extension to caring for your office.

Why settle for an office that never feels clean?

Frustrated with your cleaning service
A dirty-looking office hampers business growth and contributes to employee morale and turnover. 

​Your office doesn't have to look that way.

In no time, you'll have an office that smells great, looks great, and you'll be proud to show it off.
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Some Of Our Clients

What You'll Get!

Money-Back Guarantee

We guarantee our work and stand behind it.

Monthly Building Checkup

Each month we check the building's plumbing fixtures performance, and other items to report any issues.

Highly-Trained Technicians

All new-hires go through a 6-Week certification and detailed training program.  All employees are in an ongoing training all year long.

Commercial Certified Grade Equipment & Products

We only use commercial grade equipment and products for the highest level of performance.

Scheduled Cleaning Inspections

Supervisors perform regular inspections to provide feedback and learning opportunities for the cleaning technician.

Thorough Hiring Procedures

All new hires go through multiple interviews, both driving and criminal background checks, and reference checks are performed.  A 6-week onboarding and training program. 

Customized Cleaning Program

During the discovery and walkthrough process, we develop the customized cleaning program.  This program is to provide a great experience of your building's reflection for both client visits and employee everyday work experience.  


A virtual fence enveloping your building's location to provide a better customer experience every time.

Have Questions?

How do we get started?

Easily Get Started

You can use the "Schedule Your Consultation" button on this web page or call us at 860.200.3910 to schedule the consultation.

Are you a reliable cleaning company?

How do I know that you are reliable and not like all the other cleaning companies?

Our customers, prior to coming on board, said this very thing.  We took over their cleaning services, and now with an average of 12- years of client retention, they are delighted.  Also, we guarantee it!

Do you have a cancellation policy

Can I cancel my contract if need to?

We strive to maintain a long-term relationship with all our clients. We understand there may be certain circumstances where that may not be possible. In that case, YES - a customer may elect to cancel their contract with 30-days written notice for any cause and without penalty.

What is different about Crystal Clean?

What is the difference between Crystal Clean and other commercial cleaning services?

  • We are an industry leader with over 20 years of experience in professional commercial cleaning
  • We provide customized, high-quality services for all clients
  • We highly train our technicians
  • We hire technicians who we believe will adhere to our high standards
  • We utilize technology to improve our services
  • And, so much more
What type of training do you provide your technicians?

What type of training do you provide your technicians?

We are members of Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial associations that provide extensive online and hands-on training for all aspects of a commercial cleaning company.  Certifications for cleaning are through a Third Party Assessor through the ISSA - CIMS & CIMS-GB Certification, and a third-party custodial effectiveness auditor of buildings applying for or being re-certified in the LEED Standard through USGBC.  

Employee Trainings are:
  • Disinfection Training (3 hrs)
  • Office Cleaning Training (6 hrs)
  • Restroom Cleaning Training (3 hrs)
  • Safety Training (4 hrs)
  • Hazard Communications (2 hrs)
  • Hard Floor Care Training (5 hrs)
  • Customer Service Training (2 hrs)
  • Personal Development (12 hrs)
  • Building Safety and Security (4 hrs)
  • Etc.
You might be too expensive?

You might be too expensive?

When reviewing our total value for the added services and the additional level of care provided to your building, most customers find our price more competitive and, more importantly, appreciate the peace of mind.

We're cleaning our own office?

We are cleaning or considering to clean our own office?

D.I.Y. is always an option. But, you may want to consider having specific insurance policies that protect the individual and company from any mishaps. Also, unless you know the ever-changing cleaning requirements and procedures by the C.D.C., O.S.H.A., and other authorities, you may put yourself at risk. Doing it yourself can cost you more in the long run.

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