When considering prices, there are a few things you should know.

Pricing Ranges

There are many factors that make up the investment in a great workplace cleaning program.  After our walkthrough we'll have an exact idea of 3-different options that will best fit your budget and accommodate your needs.  Below are there different cleaning programs to choose from.  Keep in mind, you can spend less on some of these programs depending on your specific environment and what you are looking to achieve.

3 Cleaning Programs To Choose From

Our cleaning programs will fit your needs.  Either cleaning to maintain, or a full cleaning maintenance program.  We got you covered!

Silver Monthly Program

$0.04 to $0.19 Per Sq ft

Do you have an office that your employees keep clean?  While DIY cleaning can be extremely limiting, it can work quite well if you know what needs to be done.  Our Silver Program is designed to help augment DIYers' that need that extra kick.  We help design a program for the DIY organization that shares both the customer and our companies cleaning schedule and procedures.

Gold Monthly Program

$0.10 to $0.58 Per Sq ft

Our semi-custom cleaning program is a full office cleaning service that accommodates all the basic cleaning needs companies request.  Disinfecting high touch areas, bathrooms, floor care, garbage removal, dusting, and more, is included in this program.  This program begins with our signature discovery process to customize the cleaning program.  The Gold package will provide all the cleaning necessary to keep your workplace feeling fresh all the time.

Platinum Monthly Program

$0.38 to $0.88 Per Sq ft

Our flagship cleaning program includes all the services in the Gold Program, and includes additional services, such as Spring, and Fall Cleaning, Kitchen Cabinet Clean Out, HVAC exterior Vents, Floor Finishing (if applicable), and more.  After our discovery process, we spend time learning about your business, employee engagement, and client / VIP visits, to help customize the workplace cleaning schedule.   The goal is to revitalize your office and keep it that way...like brand new.

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